Monday, April 9, 2012

Persepolis: How Does Space Influence Character?

In the book "Persepolis" we can see how space affects the way Marjane views the world. Everything she goes through, shapes her to do the things she does. Different spaces get different reactions. One of the best examples about space is where she lives when she was a little girl. Marjane lived in Iran as a little girl. From reading the book, we know that in Iran, women didn't have a voice at all. Whatever they wanted to do, they had to get their husband's consent before doing it. This mostly occur in public places because it was against the "norms". The decisions Marjane made were influenced by the people around her. But once she moved away from Iran, Marjane realized that people didn't have to tell her what to do because she had the choice to decide what she wanted to do. The space she was in now, made her realize that things change and don't always have  to be the same in every place. She was not able to control her life instead of being controlled.

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