Saturday, March 24, 2012

Project Space

For project space, my group and I decided to focus on parks. Each one of us chose a park and we had to describe our findings of the place. The park I decided to write about is Runyon Canyon Park. I went to the park on Monday afternoon, around 6 pm, when the sun was about to set. My observations of this park is that is consider more of a "hike" and "dog" park. People take their dogs for a little walk. A lot of people seem to go to the park at that time since the sun is going down and it's not as hot. There's more women than men and they're mostly white people. People who go there seem to be very active and they usually go accompanied by friends. What I found interesting about this place is that people who go there are people who are in shape and seem familiar with the place. People seem to be more friendly than people you encounter on the streets or any other place on a daily basis. People enjoyed watching the sunset and the city at night. I honestly think people go to places like these to get their minds off of frustrating things like work, home, etc.

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