Monday, April 9, 2012

As Nature Made Him

After I finished reading the book, I started questioning whether what the doctors and parents of Bruce did was wrong. Of course, Bruce's parents wanted the best for him and were just looking after him. The Dr. just wanted to be known as someone who took a big step into science. This is a HUGE case dealing with "Nature vs. Nurture". In my opinion, I think nature will, most of the time, win over nurture. Nature is something you are born with, you don't have to learn it, you are already know it. Nurture teaches you to do things a certain way. That's what went wrong in the case of Bruce. Although he was taught to act and look like a girl, he never felt like one. Deep inside he knew he was different. How can someone know they're not supposed to be the person they were taught to be? That's how big and mysterious science is. You can't cheat nature.


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    1. I agree with you when you say nature will win over nurture. Like you said nature is something we are born with whereas nurture is something we are taught. I think we are who we are, and noone can change that. Not even a surgery that attempts to change your sex. In our brains we are programmed (or at least in the majority of cases) to be attracted to the opposite sex, so a surgery, or taking hormones to develope a body that doesn't naturally belong to us can change our self indentities. Like you said, Bruce always knew deep down inside he was different. Nature can't be cheated indeed.