Monday, April 16, 2012

As Nature Made Him - Response 2

After discussing the book in class, I started thinking more about "Nature vs. Nurture". I find this topic very fascinating. How can a person really know which one is right? It seems like Dr. Money thought he could do God's job, and cheat nature, but in my opinion, nature can't be cheated. Yes, maybe technology and medicine have taken a big step since then, but even now, I don't think humans are ready to do something close to changing how a person can feel. I also learned to consider how "gender identity" plays a big role on who you are. Society expects you to act the way you look. If you are born a girl, you have certain standards to follow. But what I learned is that the way you look does not identify the person you are. One example that has played a big role and is very controversial is homosexuality. In homosexuality, you like a person of the same gender. Which means you are born in the "wrong" body. We can clearly see, that homosexual people didn't go through the process David went as a little kid. They connect with the opposite sex more than with the gender they were born into. They don't suffer, as much, psychological trauma as David because they weren't forced to be someone who they are not, they were born that way. No one, not even the most prestigious doctor in the world, can change how you feel inside. Yes, you may look a certain way on the outside, but you can be someone else on the inside.

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