Sunday, February 12, 2012

Responses to "Gamer"

The movie "Gamer" is about video games that are played by people who "buy" or "rent" another person who volunteer themselves to be played with. "Society" is a video game that consists of making your own avatar. The player chooses a person who they would like to be and how they want them to act, dress, talk, etc. The comparisons I can make between this medium and real life is that the player wishes to do the things he/she makes the avatar do. Every single human has desires to do things they are afraid to try themselves, therefore the player makes the avatar do it because they are technically "not doing" themselves. "Gamer" is similar to reality shows because people in reality shows are "being" themselves and in "Society" the player is "being" him/herself. In my opinion "Society" was created in order for people to be themselves but use other people to do things they are afraid to do.

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